Rani is all about telling the stories of our world, mainly through BBC Radio and Television.

Her work is described as original and fearless. A committed producer-reporter, she works in long and short form.

She has also written six books, four of which are for children. The latest one, An Officer and His Holiness, reveals an untold part of the Dalai lama’s escape from China.

It formed the inspiration for the film, Never Forget Tibet.

Acting across film and television, Rani spent a period as a leading character on EastEnders, later appearing in shows like The Bill and Casualty.

Rani uses her drama background to enrich and colour her radio work, with an empathy she learnt while developing her characters.

It’s a style that has won her interviews with figures like Jimmy Carter, Queen Noor of Jordan, Andy Serkis, Sir Frank Williams, Alessandra Rossi, Sir Ben Kingsley, Bill Nighy, and Sir Richard Branson.

Great read: @RaniSinghjourno’s greatest adventure & what it taught her… #readbyrichard— Richard Branson (@richardbranson) August 28, 2017

Recently, due to personal experience, Rani has developed an interest in cults and coercive control awareness.

Recently she enjoyed producing a 2021 series called The Definitive History of British Jazz for Jazz FM.

Rani has also told stories on Children’s TV for shows like Playschool, Rainbow and CBeebies’ Storytime.

And, in contrast to her work in broadcast journalism, Rani feels an affection for her incarnation as the Hindi voice of Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds. She considers Lady P to be a brilliant role model and a style icon.

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