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Rani is all about telling the stories of our world, mainly through BBC Radio and Television. A committed producer-reporter, she works in long and short form. Her work is described as original and fearless.

Her latest book, An Officer and His Holiness, reveals an untold part of the Dalai lama’s escape from China that involved her uncle. It inspired the film, Never Forget Tibet, released in the UK and Ireland in 2023.

Acting across film and television, Rani spent a period as a leading character on EastEnders. Her later credits include The Bill and Casualty.

Rani uses her drama background to enrich and colour her radio work, with an empathy she learnt while developing her characters. Rani uses her drama background to enrich and colour her radio work, wit

It’s a style that has won her interviews with figures like Jimmy Carter, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Sir Richard Branson, and Sir Ben Kingsley.

Rani is a Public Speaker and Facilitator.


Tech that tells you when fruit is ripe


BBC World Service,
Digital Planet
7th February 2023
(from 22 minutes 17 seconds)

Harvesting a crop at the correct time is vital to ensure higher profits for the farmer and also to reduce food waste.

Reporter Rani Singh has met two entrepreneurs in India who have developed a device that checks 19 vegetable and fruits for ripeness, texture and taste – just by scanning their skin.

The handheld device checks the chemical composition e.g. sugar levels of fruits and veg and can tell if there has been damage from insects or disease

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