The Big Question Episode One, 13-06-21

In her first-ever podcast with River Radio, Rani Singh discusses her career with River Radio’s owner, Sam Sethi. This was the start of a long series of shows for Rani at River Radio.

Initially called “The Big Question,” the title soon changed to “The Miss Singh Question.”

To introduce Rani to her new audience, Sam asks her to talk about her journey through various television series and about starring in EastEnders.

She also discusses her role in the BBC’s Hindi edition of Thunderbirds as Lady Penelope, a voice part she treasures.

Rani and Sam then give an insight into the top news stories of the day.

And music is played along the way…

The Miss Singh Question Episode 10, 2021-08-15

In this episode Rani and Brain Naylor, then a director of River Radio and host of several shows on the station talk with World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien.

O’Brien talks about his childhood and why he is in the Guinness Book of Records. He tells stories about how his career started, discusses mind- mapping and gives a memory exercise to Rani and Brian.

Occupational Psychologist Susanne Guest meets Rani in the second hour.


Queen “We Are the Champions”

Yes “Roundabout”

John Lennon “Mind Games”

Olivia Newton-John “Physical”

Madness “Our House”

John Lennon “Imagine”

The Miss Singh Question Episode 30, 2022-01-02

Today’s interview question is – “How can you completely change your state while floating in a warm saltwater tank?”

Answering this question in the first hour is Alex Harman, the founder of one of the Thames Valley’s First Floatation Tank Centres, situated in Beaconsfield.

Do you need to set New Year’s resolutions? Occupational Psychologist Susanne Guest dispenses ideas and advice.

The missing question is: “Who is an international documentary maker who produces and writes hard news stories, and who now creates television in the Falkland Islands?” Darnell Christie talks to us from his new posting with Falklands TV.

The Miss Singh Question Episode 43, 2022-04-03

Over a month into Russia’s war on Ukraine, Rani gives us a glimpse into what it is like for the Thames Valley Ukrainian refugees whose own families and friends are caught up in the war.

Talking to this topic is Reading- based Ukrainian, Alex Sevko.

Alex looks at;

How Ukrainians are dealing with the British visa system.

How social media is playing a part in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Joining the conversation is Linda Duberley, journalist, Women’s Empowerment Director at the Afghanistan Association and Refugee Adviser.

Also participating is Praveen Thampi, a freelance long-form editor with the Mint. He was previously Political Editor of the Economic Times, and an Executive Editor of the TV News Channel CNN News 18.

In the second hour Daniel Field, an expert on hair care and hair loss, will discuss his breakthrough research on scalp conditions, particularly with reference to cancer cases.

Former Process Engineer and all- round Science enthusiast Rob Willin answers questions about Tech and Science, in a new slot called “Talking Technology” designed solely for him.

The Miss Singh Question Episode 57, 2022-07-17

Today’s theme is leadership and perception.

With the question- do women make good leaders?

On the show is Linda Duberley Journalist and media coach.

Rani also meets Dr Chris Dalton who teaches personal development at the MBA Henley Business School.

From the world of Ballet, Donna Schoenherr, founder and director of Ballet4Life and the charity “Move into wellbeing” is in discussion with Matthew Hawkins, renowned dancer with the Royal Ballet, choreographer, and teacher.

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